Yes, I'm talking about this website.
It's also one of my projects.

Year ->2020
Web development
Web design

Displaying a collection of the projects I've done.
Well, the ones I like the most.

Made with Gatsby & Strapi.

I also wanted to improve my React skills
with this website. Sure, it could have
been built without it. But it was
a good excuse.

I decided to develop a JAMstack website
using the Gatsby static site generator and
the Strapi headless CMS.

Gatsby and Strapi CMS

DIY Design.

Because it's my personal website, I wanted
its design to express what I'm like.
So I used colours that are usually found
on the clothes I wear and the texts are written
in the same way I'd speak.

The page's contact section.

Work in progress.

Like any good personal project, I'm going to
work on it in my spare time. Adding new
projects or perhaps updating its UI
and tweaking its code.

We'll see. It's a personal experiment.