Protons website

A promotional single page website
for Protons Percussió.

Year ->2018
Web development
Web design
Graphic design

Describing the percussion group, listing its awards
and performances, displaying Instagram posts
and its contact details.

Positive energy.

Protons percussió is a percussion group from
Igualada, Barcelona. It mostly performs
around Catalonia’s local festivities, concerts,
festivals and occasional private events.
Its shows consist of energetic rhythms
and impactful choreographies.

Usually they get booked thanks to word of mouth
or social media, but by launching a simple promotional
website they wanted to improve their online presence
and create a stronger, more professional identity.

The website introduction section.

Keeping it simple, stupid.

Or KISS. The group’s most recent content
is posted on social media. The information
isn’t likely to change very often, so the page
doesn’t require much maintenance.

Back in its planning stage, the lack of experience
I had creating custom themed pages with CMS
made consider developing a static hard-coded site.
using only HTML, SASS, JS and Bootstrap.
On one hand, because of the minimal page requirements
and the other, because of the project timings.

A sandbox to try things out.

The group is nonprofit organisation and,
being part of the association myself,
I developed this project voluntarily to gain
some experience in web development
using a real case.

Having worked on the group’s visual identity too,
I was given quite a lot of freedom to create
the website as I considered best.

I used this opportunity to explore responsive
web design using the Bootstrap framework,
social media integration and also web animations
to create a dynamic eye-catching page.