Protons redesign

An updated visual identity
for Protons Percussió.

Year ->2017
Graphic design
Motion graphics

Protons Percussió was evolving.
The group had grown and matured,
so its visual identity needed an update.

A new phase for Protons.

What started as 5 friends getting together
to play percussion, had now grown into a
well known percussion group within the
Catalan street percussion community.

Now, Protons' shows are full of rhythm,
coreography and lots of energy that make
people want to dance along with them.

Different show, different look.

Protons' new shows needed a more
evolved look. So, first, the group's logo was
updated by Pau, one of the founders.

Then I worked on the rest of the group's
image for social media posts and
instrument decorations.
The clothing used for shows was also changed
to a more mature, impactful style.