És per tu i per mi

Interactive WebGL experiences
for Marialluïsa's new LP.

Year ->2020
Web development
Web design

With the release of Marialluïsa’s new LP
“És per tu i per mi” a static promotional website
was launched featuring an interactive visual
experience for each new song.

Experiencing music differently.

Metaphysical pop.
The group raises questions without
focusing on finding answers.

Open to finding new ways to express their thoughts,
Marialluïsa jumped at the idea of
creating a different kind of website.
Marialluïsa is a relatively new band, recently
gaining popularity around Catalonia. Having an
unconventional website promoting their new album
is a good way to expose their music
to new curious audiences.

Marialluïsa band members

Cross-platform interactive graphics.

By using web technologies such as Three.js
and Anime.js to render and animate 3D graphics,
one codebase can run these experiences on
multiple devices, web browsers
and operating systems.

Marialluïsa fans can open up the website
from any device they have at hand and
quickly play around with the songs.

No apps to install or specific requirements.

"Estrés" interactive experience.

Becoming a Multimedia Engineer.

This website was my final project in my
BSc in Multimedia Engineering, the obligatory
“Trabajo de Fin de Grado” in Spanish
undergraduate degrees.

"Nica" interactive experience.